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Helping others has always come naturally to me. But excepting help has always felt a bit awkward. Not because I don’t feel I need it or don’t feel appreciative. But because I simply don’t wish to take advantage of others kindness. I am smart enough to realize however; that in order to grow Borrowed Breaths into what I believe it has the potential to be. Will require more than just my own tenacity.


Over on Borrowed Breaths storefront you’ll find a large number of T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Face masks, Coffee mugs, and more for sale. Items with the Borrowed Breaths logo… but even more items focusing on Pulmonary Fibrosis, Organ donation, and our heroes in the medical field.


Since creating Borrowed Breaths numerous folks have asked if they might contribute financially. Offers I’ve always graciously declined. But a helpful conversation recently gave me some perspective. So I decided to set up a way for those wishing to help financially. Keeping Midna on the road can be pricey so any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Recurring Donation

I set up subscription tiers through Paypal. For those wanting to donate on a monthly basis. If you don’t have paypal, you can choose “Pay with Debit or Credit card.” After clicking on the tier of your choice. I don’t really expect any one to choose the higher tiers… but I was having fun with the theme and just keep going. Honestly I am thankful for any help no matter the amount. Be it reoccurring or a one time gift.

Donation Subscriptions

Tier 0: Its just a cough?$2 monthly
Tier 1 : 6 minute walk$5 monthly
Tier 2: Oxygen “A” tank$10 monthly
Tier 3: Oxygen “D” tank$15 monthly
Tier 4: Oxygen “E” tank$20 monthly
Tier 5: Oxygen “G” tank$25 monthly
Tier 6: O2 concentrator$35 monthly
Tier 7: Pulmonary Rehab$45 monthly
Tier 8: X-rays & CT scans$50 monthly
Tier 9: Glass PFT box$75 monthly
Tier 10: Needles & Blood draws$100 monthly
Tier 11: Broncs and Biopsies$125 monthly
Tier 12: Liquid oxygen units$150 monthly
Tier 13: ECMO machines$175 monthly
Tier 14: Donor waiting list$200 monthly
Tier 15: Single lung recipient$250 monthly
Tier 16: Double lung recipient$275 monthly
Tier 17: Running on borrowed breaths$300 monthly
Tier 18: A new lease on life$350 monthly

Donations will be used to pay for:

1.) Internet expenses related to hosting and maintaining borrowed breaths.

2.)Wear and tear maintenance on the bus incurred during travel. I try my best to work on her myself, but somethings are beyond my abilities.

3.) A road side assistance Plan designed for large vehicles. Just in case a repair doesn’t hold up… I don’t find myself stuck out in the middle of no where.

4.) Fuel. This is a huge part of my budget and places the largest restriction on my travels. I review the places I visit. Discussing hurdles those suffering from PF may encounter while visiting. And if things currently in the works go as planned. I will begin to visit patients and support groups across the country next year. The bigger my fuel budget the more places I can go and the more patients I can visit.

5.) Subscriptions to medical journals. A lot of information and scientific research on Pulmonary fibrosis is gated behind website subscriptions. I don’t just want to talk about my PF experiences with fellow patients. I want to stay as on top of the subject as best I can. So I know that I am relaying accurate information.

6.) Care packages for hospitalized Pulmonary fibrosis patients. Knowing first hand how mind numbing it can be to spend months in the hospital… I would love to be able put together bags full of items nurses can give to patients. Such as sudoko, crosswords, coloring books, notepads, decks of cards, etc.

7.) Basic film equipment. Nothing fancy, but I hope to to record my conversations with the fellow patients and medical staff I meet on my journeys. And share those conversations with others.

I thank you for taking the time to go over this page and consider helping me grow Borrowed Breaths. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. Be it a monetary contribution, sharing my website, liking my facebook page, or most importantly… deciding to be an organ donor. I am eternally grateful to all those who can help me pay forward… all the help I’ve received during my pulmonary fibrosis trials. And I pray my health allows me to do so for a long time to come.

Nicholas Dean
(Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis sufferer & Bilateral Lung Transplant recipient.)

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