Hope and Trust…


I believe in miracles. Period. Full stop. As far as I’m concerned the fact that I’m sitting here typing this, rather then pushing up daises, is proof of their existence.

There are differently things that science and human knowledge can not attest for. Medical breakthroughs waiting to be discovered. Some chemical compound tucked away inside a yet to be tested plant, from some overlooked corner of the globe, that will be the cure for every Pulmonary disease imaginable.

But I can guarantee you its not sitting on the herbal shelf of your local Chinese market.

I understand the appeal of “Natural” treatments. I honestly do. My google search history from a year ago would prove me a liar if I tried to say otherwise.

Learning you have pulmonary disease is scary. Learning it is fatal is down right terrifying. Learning theirs no cure is enough to send anyone down the rabbit hole looking for something the doctors have overlooked.

I don’t begrudge anyone for looking for answers for themselves.

However, I’m not a fan of people proclaiming the benefits of these “cures” to those desperately seeking their miracle.

There is always cause for hope. But giving false hope to the fearful. Leading them down a path that could cause them even more harm then they would have already experienced angers me.

There are  pharmaceutical companies and universities working on medicines that show promise in halting and even reversing the scarring of the lungs. They are years and possibly decades away, but they are being pursued.


Don’t be suckered into believing the illusions presented to you on the internet, or in the shadier corners of support groups. Anecdotal evidence and testimonials are not enough to base ones treatment on. Take the things you hear with a grain of salt and consult with a doctor you trust.

The key word there being trust.

If you are not comfortable with your medical team, seek out physicians you feel confident in. Find a doctor you trust. Then trust them.

You may run into some jerks along the way, sure. I can almost guarantee it. I have, but thats life. You don’t have to deal with anyone you really don’t want to. Thank them for their time and effort and move on.

There are some amazingly dedicated folks in the medical field. The vast majority of doctors, nurses, therapist, specialist etc. that you encounter on your journey; will have your best interest at heart.

It’s probably a safe bet that the people who don’t have your best interest in mind… Are those promoting acupuncture, herbal remedies, meditative/energy healing, diets, stem cell injections, and/or some other miracle treatment “cure” for your illness.

When looking into alternative treatments be sure to protect yourself.

  • Beware of hype.
  • Be skeptical.
  • Ask questions.
  • Ask more questions.
  • Demand evidence. (i.e repeatable, provable, accurately collected data.)
  • Respect people testimonials, but don’t rely on them.
  • Don’t be blinded to the truth by desperation.
  • Read the fine print.

Remember… If something sounds to good to be true. Than it probably is.


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