What, no super powers?

xray01-minYesterday was a clinic day for me.

Which meant I had the pleasure of getting a little blood drawn. Blowing air through a computerized straw. Followed up by a little bit of radioactive exposure.

Ahh, that wonderful ‘ol x-ray machine.

I’ve been zapped enough times at this point, that were I a comic-book character, I’d be glowing in the dark or learning how to use my newly gained super powers.

(And to be honest the lack of super powers is a little disappointing. I would make a great super hero. Just saying…)

X-rays and C.T scans are amazing pieces of technology. One that I get the impression to many people have an ill informed fear of. I don’t say unfounded, because yeah, to much radiation can be dangerous.

Ever seen a Godzilla movie? Who needs one of those things stomping around?

But, I think people’s fear of having “to many” x-rays and C.T scans, exaggerates the danger beyond what it actually is. If you have lung issues… (In my purely personal, un-medically educated opinion.) the diagnostic benefits of X-rays far outweighs the potential risks involved.

I’m not saying to allow yourself to get zapped willy-nilly without cause. (Thats just silly no matter what the medical situation is.) But do talk with your doctors about why they need the images. You’re not going to upset them by taking an active role in your treatment.

Okay… slight addendum. You “probably” wont annoy your doctor by asking them “relevant” questions (related to your health.) Bringing up gamma radiation and the Hulk might not fly.

Try Superman… His x-ray vision makes him way more on topic.

Ultimately you have to weigh the risk vs. reward trade off for yourself. Perhaps for your piece of mind, the best option is to tell your physicians that you want to limit the amount of scans you have done.

Just be sure to arm yourself with actual knowledge, before making a decision that might hinder your progress. Comic books, and medical dramas, and that thing that a friend of a friend experienced while in the hospital; may all make for good conversation. But probably are not the best jumping off point for information relevant to not dying.


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