Six months still Breathing Deep.

6month01-minToday is my six month Lung-iversary… is that a word? If I google it I’m sure something would come up. I can’t be the first to have said it.

I’ll go with it being a word. Webster and (his/her?) dictionary can just keep up.

It’s an odd sensation to pause and think about the idea of not being here. The fact that six months ago it came down to… Cracking me open to put new lungs inside or cracking open a coffin to put ME inside. With the very real possibility that perhaps both could happen.

Six months ago I was in an operating room. Hooked up to machines. Surrounded by doctors and nurses. Dreaming thankfully. As my lungs were removed and replaced by the lungs of someone who, sadly had recently passed.

Today, I went to pulmonary rehabilitation as I do every Thursday. Teasing the staff and hopefully making their day a little more lighthearted. Moved heavy things around at the gym. Made plans for a trip my sister and I are going to take at my one year lung-iversary.

And I sat in front of this little laptop pondering what to write.

How does one measure the value of time? When their tickets done been punched, but then fate steps in and says there’s been an accounting error in your favor. Here’s an undisclosed amount of days to tack onto your life space.


Though to me it seems inadequate, “thankful” and “grateful” are the terms that come to mind. I’m sure some scholar could rattle off a dozen words from different languages and societies that would fit my emotions better. But, I ain’t dem so I’s stuck wit der words I gots.

I’m not going to post pictures of these folks, because I promised when they were taken that they wouldn’t be. But I’m thankful to my Lord (okay… I don’t have a photo of Him), my donor, my family, the surgeons, the doctors, the plethora of nurses. The nutritionist, the pharmacist, the pharmacy staff, the physical therapist…

*Deeeeeep breath* (Ha! because I can)

The ECMO techs, all the ladies (and singular dude) at pulmonary rehab, the COLTT staff, the hospital cleaning staff, the folks who delivered my meals during my hospital stay, my friends, all the strangers who prayed and sent positive vibes my way. Plus all the folks whose positions and titles I don’t know.

Thank you for these six extra months and all the days to follow.

I am more grateful then my paltry vocabulary can articulate and I will do my absolute best; to continue expressing that appreciation for as lung as this blessed breath is in my (and my donor’s) lungs.

(Edit: For some reason this is saying published on September 7th… even though its the sixth. My computer says the sixth. My calendar says the sixth. WordPress computers are apparently already in the future… amazing!)

3 thoughts on “Six months still Breathing Deep.

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  1. Well said Nick. I can understand your thankfulness. When my journey started I probably had 3 months. I also got an error, but I am so thankful. We have a bond and I wouldnt want to share it with any other guy. Anyone that can be a true friend to my son is OK in my book. Here’s many more years to both of us


  2. The best way to say “Thank you” is to use these extra days to bless others each day. You are an encouragement to me each time I think of you bro. I don’t want to take the days I have here on this Earth for granted. Love ya, man!


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