Corona Inconvenience

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I was recently asked how this corona virus ordeal is effecting my life. And I told them the honest truth. It hasn’t really changed much about my day to day life.

Wearing a mask, frequent hand washing, wiping things down, avoiding crowds, being careful what I touch, etc… business as usual.

When you already need to be vigilant about all the germs, bacteria, and viruses floating around. There isn’t much more you can do when something new gets added to the list.

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Ultimately we each have to decide for ourselves how much risk we are comfortable with. There is only so much anyone can do to negate the hazards we face in life and absolutely nothing  will ever make us 100% safe.

I continue to do what I was doing before this covid-19 pandemic. The things which any person with a suppressed immune system should be doing. I’m not perfect of course and we have all forget our mask or our pocket hand sanitizer at some point.

Though I have seen more than one at risk person chafe from the “inconveniences” an at risk lifestyle entails. Folks who conveniently “forget” or even bluntly refusing to use oxygen for example. A course of action I find to be extremely foolish.

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That said it is NOT my responsibility to force an at risk person to do these things. Even in order to protect themselves. Neither is it my right to force others to take precautions that may protect me.

My responsible in this regard is two fold. First to provided helpful accurate info. So that others can make informed decisions. While leaving said decisions up to them. Regardless of if I see their choices as foolish or wise.

Secondly, to choose the course of action best suited for my own personal well being. With no expectations on my part, that the rest of the world will make my health a priority.

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I’m sure this flabbergasts someone out there on the internet. Perhaps inciting a thought similar to, “You just don’t understand or care. My _________ is an at risk individual.¬† Everyone needs to do all they can to keep them safe.”

But you see… I AM the “at risk” loved one for whom friends and family worry. As such I completely understand.

I care very deeply for the well being of my fellow at risk individuals. Which is why I write this blog, speak with other patients, turned my skoolie into a rolling I.P.F billboard, etc.

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But I also care about the supposedly “non-essential” folks losing their livelihoods. The parents unsure how they’ll feed their children. The people worried how they’ll pay their bills.

I care about the hospital personnel, nurses, respiratory therapist, and others who are being furloughed. I care about the folks in need of life saving medical procedures now deemed “elective.”

When others, of their own free will, behave in a way intended to protect my health. I am extremely grateful.

When forced or berated into doing so against their will…¬† I find it very disconcerting. Many good people have worthwhile concerns beyond the effects of covid-19 and my health.

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I can not speak for everyone, but as a member of the “at risk” population for which so many people are expressing concern… As one of the “vulnerable” that the talking heads and politicians claim to speak for…

I do NOT wish to see lives and economies destroyed in an attempt to keep me “safe”. The notion that “if it saves just one life, then its worth the cost” is hyperbole at it’s highest.

Nothing we do can save all lives. My safety during this pandemic, as with every other day, falls squarely on my own shoulders. Your safety falls on yours shoulders. A child’s safety on their parents and the elderly on their caregivers.

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Yes this pandemic should be taken serious and people should take precautions. But humans are flawed. If we intend to wait until it is perfectly safe and everyone is behaving with love and respect… we’ll be waiting forever to return to any kind of “normal.”

“New” normal or otherwise.

To each their own, but I refuse to hide under a rock. I’ve lived with health restrictions for quite a while now and that life is proof a balance can be found. One that allows for caution while also allowing me to actually live my life.

I hope all of you are able to find your balance. While not judging to harshly, the balance found by others.

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