Eagle Creek Endeavor

In the center of Indiana is Marion county. Which… except for a few areas such as Speedway, where the Indianapolis 500 is run every year, has been completely annexed by the city of Indianapolis. A city which has suffered, like most cities, from urban crawl over the years. Something that has even creeped into the surrounding counties, cities, and towns. But thankfully, back in 1962, Eagle Creek Park was created in the city/county’s north west corner. When

With 1,400 acres of water and 3,900 acres of land it’s the largest park in Indianapolis. And with a total acreage of 5,300 acres… one of the largest municipal parks in the country. Bigger than the municipal parks found in larger cities, such as New York City (Pelham Bay Park 2,772 acres) or Los Angeles (Griffith Park 4,511 acres). Which is a pretty nice set up to have. Within easy access of a congested metropolitan area. And when you’re in Eagle creek… You don’t feel like you’re in a city park.

Now, of course there are larger parks out there. But those tend to be national parks or state parks. And larger parks tend to be further away from most people’s homes. And when travel is limited by how much supplement oxygen one can pack… Having something nearby, that makes one feel as if they’ve left the hustle and bustle of life far behind. With enough O2 remaining once they get there, to enjoy themselves. Is absolutely priceless.

The last time I’d been to Eagle Creek was in the marvelous year of… 2020. Yes that’s sarcasm. But I wasn’t there to hike, fish, or go boating. Instead I was with Little Cabin Films shooting a short film. About my pulmonary fibrosis journey and the bus (Midna). For a project being developed called Lung story. I remember telling the guys from Little Cabin that I needed to make the time to come back, to hike and do one of these blogs. It’s been over a year now… but I finally went back.

Going was a spur of the moment decision. I’d been wanting to capture the fall foliage with my camera. And on the day I went, I was already siting at my desk preparing to work on my pulmonary fibrosis. When I looked out at the sunny morning and just said, “I’m going to Eagle creek.” Grabbed my camera gear and out the door I went… With a small detour to deliver some Halloween candy. I was soon at the park. Ready to hike parts of the Red and Edesess trails.

The trails of Eagle creek are really a mixed bag. There is lots of crisscrossing and shorter trails connecting longer trails. Which is quite handy when tailoring a jaunt for a one’s physical capabilities. But if you are not familiar with Eagle Creek, I would highly suggest you take along someone who is. Especially if you are carrying or carting around supplemental oxygen and/or using a wheel chair or rollator. The reason being is that some trails can quickly change from level, smooth, and paved… to bumpy, hilly, and unpaved, without any indication before hand.

I wouldn’t let this deter you though. If you are still capably of getting out and about.. And lets be truthful here. Sometimes we (pulmonary fibrosis patients) are technically capable, but to emotionally drained to push ourselves to get out and about. I’ve struggled with this too. But if are actually still physically capable of getting out and about. Then there is something here for you to enjoy. Even if it is merely a short stroll from the parking lot to the lake shore. For an enjoyable afternoon watching the water. And as someone who reached the point where my world consisted almost exclusively of my bed, a chair in the front room, the bathroom, and pulmonary rehab… please get out and do what you can. It will do you a world of good emotionally. For those of you who cant. I filmed my hike, without commentary, and took lots of pictures. So that you might enjoy a trip through the woods, vicariously through me.

Eagle Creek Park 7840 W 56th St, Indianapolis, IN 46254

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Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my blog. I hope if you’re a fellow patient, a care giver, or just into travel. That you got something positive out of my blog. If you’d like some pulmonary fibrosis merchandise, check out the BorrowedBreaths Store. Or if you’d like to simply encourage me to keep writing, a tip in my virtual tip jar would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. So happy to read this. I have been following you as I too am a lung recipient . I hadn’t read anything for a while and was concerned of how you were doing. So happy you’re back out and about. Beautiful pictures!
    Thank you.

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  2. Thanks for sharing! I remember doing orienteering there many moons ago. Metro Parks really are a welcome oasis in cities. Amazing short movie as well. That bus is a work of art. Love you Nick!

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