Love’n Leone’s Pizzeria

I’m a huge pizza fan. Some of my favorite memories growing up involve going to the local Pizza Hut. This of course being back when Pizza Hut pizza still tasted like quality pizza. Which should tell you it’s been a minute since I was a kiddo.

As time has gone by I’ve become more picky about my pizza. I’ll still eat almost anything from frozen to artisan. Hand tossed to deep dish. New York style to Neapolitan. But the gap between what I would say qualifies as amazing pizza… and what is merely passable as a pizza. Has widened a lot since the days in which a rectangular school pizza was the ultimate lunch.

One of the suckiest parts of having an Interstitial Lung Disease. Is that the sicker one becomes. The more of a workout eating becomes. And, just like everything else… it leaves you breathless and tired. Meaning even the most amazing foods are less enjoyable. Including the very best pizza.

But a blessing of transplant has been the ability to truly enjoy food again. Maybe it’s purely because I came so close to dying. But every bite of awesomely good food, is better than it ever was pre-IPF. And as I was planning a few new adventures, I thought… why not review some of the eateries I discover along the way.

And my first stop is worth a review. Leone’s Italian Deli & Pizzeria is just what the name describes. It is a small store with varies Italian grocery items. Along with a deli counter and pizza ovens. And what comes out of those ovens is great. Just what New York style pizza should taste like. Everything is made from scratch. With a slice of cheese and a can of pop costing me about four bucks. But for just a little more there are a load of toppings to choose from. Including Italian sausage that’s made in house.

The guy behind the counter was a bit gruff. Obviously not in a mood for friendly banter. But he wasn’t really rude and it didn’t effect my experience. The pictures may look like run-of-the-mill NY pizza. But the crust was crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The cheese had melted without turning to grease. And the sauce was spot on. No overbearing herbs or spices here.

If you ever find yourself in North Fort Myers or Cape Coral, Florida. In need of a pizzeria to satisfy your food cravings… I suggest you skip the boring ‘ol school pizza chains and seek out Leone’s Italian Market. Honestly there is nothing thrilling about the ambiance. It’s not going to win any curb-appeal awards. But it is clean, the pizza tastes great, and I will be ordering a full pie the next time I am near by. It is easily a 7.5 out of 10 on my personal pulmonary pizza scale.

916 SE 14th Ave, Cape Coral, FL 33990

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Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my blog. I hope if you’re a fellow patient, a care giver, or just into travel. That you got something positive out of my blog. If you’d like some pulmonary fibrosis merchandise, check out the BorrowedBreaths Store. Or if you’d like to simply encourage me to keep writing, a tip in my virtual tip jar would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Pizza, the perfect food. Nice post, thanks! That place sounds great. I also have fond memories of Pizza Hut back in the day. Book-it buttons, pan pizzas and breadsticks to die for. Mushrooms, pineapple and banana peppers stat!

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