Cape Coral Courage

I am a history buff. I love readying about the past. It was one of the, if not thee subject, I enjoyed most in school. At least when there was a competent teacher teaching, who also loved history. And perhaps it’s the testosterone that naturally flows through me as a male. But war, its battles, and those who fought in them have always been an area of history that intrigues me. As the books on my bookshelf will attest too.

I am certain that part of this also comes from having so many veterans in my family lineage. The Vicksburg Campaign, the Bombardment of Okinawa, the Battle of Taegu, and Da Nage. Grunts, Dough-boys, Airmen, Medics, and even drummer boys. Are all a part of my family tree and its story. I’m proud of those family members for their service. And thankful for the countless others who have served honorably as well. So whenever I find myself near an old fort, battle field, or memorial. I inevitably feel myself drawn towards it. Even if I didn’t know it was there, until I stumbled onto it.

The Cape Coral Memorial Area in Florida was actually an accidental discovery for me. I’d arrive at a mangrove forest boardwalk trail, to do some hiking. Only to find a veterans memorial shared the same parking lot. So before enjoying the trail. I took the time to look at the monuments, read the plagues, pay my respect to those honored there, and because it’s me… take pictures with my camera. Because I like to pretend I’m an amateur photographer. Rather than simply using my phone.

The memorial isn’t huge or necessarily awe inspiring. Such as one might expect to find in larger or more historical locations. The Wall in Washington D.C or the Alamo in San Antonio for example. So it’s not a must see destination that one would plan a trip around. But it is a very nice, well maintained, and respectful memorial. And if one lives nearby or finds themself in the Cape Coral / Fort Myers area. Then it’s worth a short visit.

The memorials area is right next to parking. So you can literally park, walk ten yards, and be reading a plague or admiring a statue. Which is nice for those of us with lung issues. Especially those who are pre-transplant and further along in their progression. As is can be demoralizing to use up all one’s energy and supplemental oxygen simply reaching their destination. With little left to enjoy one’s destination.

Like most all areas in Florida the space is nice and flat. Meaning folks with breathing issues wont be taxed by changes in elevation. Plus there should be no issues with maneuvering around rollators, wheelchairs, or oxygen tank carts. And if you are post-transplant, early in your illness’s progression, or brought along plenty of O2 tanks. There is a boardwalk trail across the parking lot to enjoy.

There is also a covered shelter house and a small building with restrooms available. To get out of the sun for a moment if need be. That big burning ball of gas in the sky can get pretty intense in the Sunshine state. And some pulmonary fibrosis medications and immuno-suppressants can make patients more susceptible to skin cancer. So be sure to take advantage of this shade if the heat is really beating down during your visit.

2500 SE 24th St, Cape Coral, FL 33990

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Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my blog. I hope if you’re a fellow patient, a care giver, or just into travel. That you got something positive out of my blog. If you’d like some pulmonary fibrosis merchandise, check out the BorrowedBreaths Store. Or if you’d like to simply encourage me to keep writing, a tip in my virtual tip jar would be greatly appreciated.

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