Motivation… Just do it today

Some days there is just no motivation in side me to work out. This was true pre-transplant and it is still true post transplant. There were many days before my hospitalization that I did not want to go to pulmonary rehab and get on that tread mill. After being put on ECMO, my body did... Continue Reading →

Leg Day Connection

Going through a life threatening illness and major surgery seems to have placed me in a fraternity of sorts. I'm able to meet people that have gone through similar situations. Even if for totally different health reasons. And there is a connection there. As I was finishing up at the gym today. There was a... Continue Reading →

Stair Monster

I've always been a runner. Growing up, fütball (soccer) was my year round addiction. Put a ball at my feet and I'd go the full 90 minutes. Up until the spring of 2016. I was still strapping on the old running shoes and heading across the street to run through the park. However; that habit... Continue Reading →

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