Leg Day Connection

Legday03-minGoing through a life threatening illness and major surgery seems to have placed me in a fraternity of sorts. I’m able to meet people that have gone through similar situations. Even if for totally different health reasons. And there is a connection there.

As I was finishing up at the gym today. There was a guy on the chest press machine with a rollator in front of him.

Boy do I remember having to use my rollator. It’s the definition of a love hate relationship. You love having it to lean on, but you hate having to rely on it.

I mentioned this to him and the next thing you know there were three of us discussing our resent surgeries. He had just had a bypass surgery and turns out the fellow on the butterfly machine next to him had just had heart stents put in.

These gentlemen are just at the start of there rehabilitation. It can be frustrating not being able to do what you once were physically able to do with ease. I really hope learning what I’ve been through and seeing me pushing myself in the gym, helps them both to stay motivated.

I don’t know the physical restraints of their particular health issues. But I know how taxing it can be when you can’t breath. Nothing quite like the feeling of drowning when there’s no water around.

But it’s so important to keep doing something. Some small thing that keeps your body from slipping that next little bit into wasting away.

By the time I hit the do or die moment in the I.C.U I really couldn’t do anything.

But, up until that day I did all that I could do. I’m not saying that to brag. I wasn’t pulling off any amazing physical maneuvers. I was shuffling across the floor at a snails pass with about 8 nurses and E.C.M.O technicians along for the ride.

I am just begging anyone who is reading this, to make everyday count.

I don’t mean go out and climb a mountain everyday. Or even train to climb that mountain everyday…

Just try not to let to many days slip through your fingers unused. We don’t know how many our lung diseases will give us.


Today’s workout:

1. Pulmonary Rehabilitation

  • Warm-up/stretches
  • Treadmill – 30min, lvl 5 incline, 3-4mph (interval)
  • Stationary bike – 30 min
  • Exercise bands

2. Gym


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