Breathing Glasses?

glasses01-minWhen I was first put on oxygen I was somewhat self-conscious of the cannula. I mean… I’m pretty goofy looking as it is. No need to compound matters by having something so obvious pointing out my illness too.

Once me and the oxygen tanks had become close buddies. I cared a lot less about looking ill and was just thankful to have the air pumping into my nostrils.

But, I know not everyone reaches that point. It’s easy to feel like people are staring at your tubing when they talk to you.

While falling down the rabbit hole that is I.P.F articles on the web. I came across an item I wish I’d know existed before my transplant.

Eye glasses with tubing built into them!

If they feel anything at all like regular glasses. Then the comfort value alone would have made them worth getting. Let alone the social confidence boost of having the tube out of site. (That tubing use to dig into my ears so bad.)

Hopefully it’ll be a long time, if ever, before I’m a position with my new lungs of needing these glasses. But, I thought they were neat and wanted to share with anyone that might be interested.

The company I found surfing the net is called oxy view. With a good review of them at verywellhealth. I’ve no clue if they are junk or amazing. But, less then a year ago I’d been all about looking into them. Maybe they can help someone else get a little of their confidence back.

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