blossom01-minBlossom was the first of several amazing dogs I’ve fostered for Every Dog Counts Rescue.

Growing up my, family always had pups in the house. There is just something special about these fuzzy four legged critters. Yeah I know there are people out there that prefer cats. But, I’ll always be a bigger fan of the k-9s.

Which is probably a good things. As lung transplant recipients have to be on their guard around the kitties.

Cats can be carriers of toxoplasmosis. Which can be transmitted through their feces or scratches and bites. Not a big deal to most people. But, if you’ve got a suppressed immune system. Look out.

Anyway… I had learned about EDCR through a huge dog lover I’d recently dated and really liked the work they were doing. Finding homes for shelter animals. Getting much needed care for sick and injured critters.

I followed them on ye ‘ol book of faces and occasionally would donate to the treatment of an ill doggo.


One day I saw a post of this pretty senior pup in need of a foster home. Her hair was buzzed down and missing in places. But, her eyes were bright and on her wee face. A big smile. I messaged them about her almost instantly.

Blossom’s situation was a little different then other dogs. She wasn’t adoptable. She came home with me for hospice care. She would be with me until she crossed what is lovingly known as the rainbow bridge.

You see Blossom had a lung disease.

It never slowed her down though. Not until the very end at least. She was such a wonderful dog and full of life. I took her with me everywhere I went. Except work… And if I could have gotten away with having her with me there too. You bet I would have.

blossom04-minI still have her pictures on the dash of my vehicle. And I still can’t help but wonder if I made the right decision when it seemed her time had come. The veterinarian told me Blossom had fluid on her lungs.  Which was causing her to breath with tremendous effort.

Sadly in 2014 the only organ transplants available for pets… were kidneys.

There was no ECMO. No ICU to stay in. No team of specialist. No pulmonary rehab…

Only me and a doctor with a needle. (I bawled.)

I never would have dreamed that a few short years later, I would be battling to breath too. That I would have any clue what this brave little creature had gone through.


Blossom had tumors on her lungs. I had scarring of the lungs. (I.e pulmonary fibrosis.) So please banish any sudden thoughts that my illness was brought on by her.

I don’t know why the Lord and fate saw fit to bring Blossom into my life. Some weird form of foreshadowing or warning perhaps. Maybe an example of how to deal with my illness…

Your guess is as good as mine. I’m just glad that she was my dog. Even if I wish we’d found each other sooner. That we could have been together longer.

Heck, to be perfectly honest. I wish she was still here. Curled up watching me type this. Ready to spring into action at the first hint of adventure. (Or at the very least a short car ride.) Breathing as well as I am now.

She was the text book definition of a good dog.



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