West by South East

PIC02-minI have always wanted to see more of our amazing world. But never gave it much thought beyond what everyone thinks. “Once I’m retired… Once I’m more financially secure… Once the kids are a little older…”

But my eyes must be connected to my lungs. Because once they had been replaced I saw things differently. I had a strong desire to see the world.

That morphed into planning an epic road trip… Which morphed into purchasing a bus to convert into a skoolie… which morphed into an opportunity to bring awareness about organ donation and hopefully inspiration to my fellow ILD sufferers.

Or if not inspiration… than at least a good hearty chuckle at that silly dude fumbling around trying to learn how to make a bus a rolling home and billboard.PIC03-minMidna… the bus that is.

Yes I named her… Yes I gendered her too… bonus points if you know where her geeky name came from.

Anyway… Midna int 100% complete yet. She still needs her grey water plumbing and her solar panels installed.

And her lungs painted on of course… But I think she has come along quite nicely… and I still have all ten fingers.  So that’s I huge surprise.

She had only been driven a little bit since I got her. From her place of purchase, to my property, moving from spot to spot to mow the grass under her, and a little bit around Indy. But nothing of any real distance.

Until this past weekend.PIC01-minI am so happy about how she did. Who knows how the next trip will go, but she made it to Chillicothe, Ohio and back to Indy like a champ.

I took state highways and country roads there. Aaaaaaaaannnnnd…. I probably wont do that again. It was basically like doing 250 miles of city travel.

The starting and stopping… up all the hills… slowing down and pushing to speed back up just sucked the gas tank dry. Plus with the tight turns and narrow roadways it was a lot more taxing on the nerves.

And because of all this I didn’t really get to enjoy the scenery like I had hoped to. But, she did just amazing on the interstate on the way back. I had worried about her ability to keep up with traffic.

She did great though. Plus her MPG (or should it be GPM?) Was waaaaaaaaaay… no seriously… waaaaaaay way better.PIC04-min

My plans are to travel West… soooo going East was maybe counter intuitive. But visiting family seemed like it would be a good test run for her. And well… they live East of me. So East it was.

And to be honest there are some pretty great views to be seen in southern Ohio. (Though don’t tell my Buckeye friends I said that… it weakens my position when teasing them about where they’re from.)

I can’t wait to travel even more, for longer periods of time, and to see things Ive never seen before with my own two eyes. To breath in the air of these distance places.

And if along the path I can figure out a way to help and maybe even inspire others, than the extra time I’ve been blessed with will have been well spent.

I friend suggested I might try my hand at sharing my story as a motivational speaker as I travel… but I’m not sold on that idea…

I can just hear the people now… “We promise to become organ donors, just make that guy stop rambling before we’re bored to tears!”PIC05-min

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  1. Up! Up! And Away, Superman!! We are so excited to read your journals and look at your pictures! An incredible journey ahead!


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