Pep for that IPF step?

So I have a cousin who loves Dr. Pepper soda…

No no… I think you miss heard me. See you think I said my cousin, “Really likes Dr. Pepper a lot.” When what I mean by “loves Dr. Pepper” is… Well, she’ll literally fight yuh if you try and take the last can in the cooler.

It may come to blows… The family or office christmas party may have to be postponed until diplomatic relations can be restored. But that Dr. Pepper is her’s.

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So while on my way to San Antonio for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation Summit I had to make sure I visited the Dr. Pepper museum in Waco Texas along the way.

Partially to get pictures for her…

Partially to tease that I was there and she wasn’t… basic stuff.

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Its actually pretty neat and I hope she gets to see it one day.

The cost was relativly inexpensive. Only $10 bucks. And this budget traveler thought it was worth it. Plus that ten dollars comes with a complamentry Dr. Pepper from a soda fountain. Mixed and poured by a “soda jerk.”

There is free public parking right across the street. Maybe a 100 yards to the entrance. Its on level ground and paved. So wheelchairs, rolators, and oxygen carts should have no problem.

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I spent over an hour here. Taking photos, looking at exhibits, reading, and watching display videos. But I move a lot faster now post transplant and didnt read every little plaqured or watch every video. Of which there is a lot of both.

To read and watch every little thing… would probably take you closer to 2 to 2-1/2 hours if you can move at a relativly “normal healthy” speed.

If you shuffle along at a relativly slow speed and need frequent breaks as I did pretransplant, than you are probably looking at closer to 3 to 3-1/2 hours to see, read, and watch it all.

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If you do need regular breaks and have a wheelchair or rolator, than I would highly suggest bringing it. I really didnt see any place to stop and catch your breath while exploring. Nor did I see any complementry wheelchairs.

There is one video in a little theater with seats and the soda fountain where you can get your free DR. Pepper has tables and chairs. But, other than that I didnt see any benches or chairs.

It was not crowded at all when I went. (Middle of the day on a Tuesday) So I wasnt worried to much about all the germies that can be floating around in a tight crowd. Though I would suggest bringing a small thing of disinfectent wipes and/or hand sanatiser.

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There are several videos and an animatronic that require you to push a button to get ’em started. It’d be an annoying shame to get sick from something so simple.

It may have just felt this way because of the small number of patrions, but it was mostly layed out in widish (Is that a word???) spaces. Manuvering oxygen tanks, rolators, and/or wheelchairs shouldnt be a problem for the most part.

A few displays are in a tight corner which may prove difficult for a wheelchair to squeeze into/around. But you shoulf be fine with 99% of the layout I think.

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The entire Museum is layed out across three stories in the main building and then on one floor in a second building. They are right next to each other. You just have a short courtyard to walk across. (You can do it. I have faith in yuh)

Both buildings have ramps leading up to the entrances thankfully. I remember how intemidating just few of steps could be. Just a hand full could require cranking up the O2 and looked like Mt. Everast from the bottom.

Speaking of which the stairs from floor to floor are very step. I could feel my calves burning going up them at an easy pass. Thankfully for those who have trouble with steps there is an elevator that goes to all three levels.

No one’ll think less of you for taking it. I could never have climbed these stairs when I was on oxygen. Not if a million bucks had been wating for me at the top.

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So if your a fan of Dr. Pepper, have a relative who’s crazy about Dr. Pepper or just someone into history who’ll be passing through Waco, Texas. I would recommend the Dr. Pepper Museum.

Its not going to be easy. The whole thing is walking around and staring at old stuff… But there are much more difficult things out there for someone with lung issues to contend with.

Just make sure you know your personal limits and prep your oxygen needs accordingly.

And enjoy that free drink at the end… They dooooo have diet Dr. Pepper, 7-up, and a couple other choices if you don’t like regular Dr. Pepper. But I can’t imagine walking all around a Dr. Pepper museum just to have a 7-up at the end… but that’s just me. You do you.

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