Which way Chip?!?!

So on my way to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation Summit in San Antonio I had plans to swing into Waco, Texas.

Which I-35 South passes right though.

Well… I almost kept on truck’n because they are doing some major revamping to the interstate right there.

I don’t know what they are doing… but they are doing a lot of it.

Magnolia blog 01

But, as I am coming into the city limits I see a billboard that read something along the lines of, “You weren’t just going to drive buy without a cupcake were you? Exit337 – Chip Gaines”

And I thought to myself, “Okay Chip, you told me how to get to you… I know my mom would love pictures… You’ve successfully guilt tripped me into visiting.”

Magnolia blog 02

Oh, ho ho though…

In what one might expect from Chip Gaines if you’ve ever watched the show. There is not just one Exit #337. There are in fact THREE Exit #337s. A B and C.

Good ‘ol Chip’s sign neglects to let yuh know which letter you need.

Soooo… I took letter “C.” Because it was the first one you come across heading southbound on I-35.

It was a mistake. “C” is not in fact the 337 exit you want, if you are going to the Magnolia silos.

Just a friendly FYI.

I dont know if you’ll want A or B if you go. But you got a 50/50 chance either way. Good luck…

Magnolia blog 03

Sooooo, after a self guided tour of Waco. Full of exploration, discovery, and several miles traveled in the wrong direction… I found the Magnolia silos.

Side note: Its moments like this that a pretty co-pilot WITH OPPOSABLE THUMBS would be super helpful.

Because yeah. I’m not about to drive this boat and surf google for directions at the same time…

And yes while pretty in her puppyish way, Marin has not yet figured out how to use google maps nor map quest.

No matter how much peanut butter I try to bribe her with to learn.

Magnolia blog 04

But anywho…

When I finally found the right area of town it was pretty nice. I saw a neat artist studios (with a superman outside. woot) and a few antique stores in the general vicinity.

Plus all the streets I saw within a few blocks of the Magnolia Silos, had free parking signs.

Magnolia blog 05

That said… I didn’t seeeeee a whole lot of open spaces. Though I did see some. Which surprised me. But nothing big enough for a bus, camper, or R/V to fit.

Thankfully there is a free parking lot, that has two RV spaces, not that far away. Its the one I used when I went to the Dr. Pepper Museum.

Yep. The Silos and the Dr. Pepper Museum are just a couple blocks apart.

Magnolia blog 06

I also saw a paid lot right across the street from the Silos. It may seem silly with so much free parking. But, if you are on limited supply of O2 it might be worth it as the free lot is about two/three blocks away depending on the path you take.

I’m also not sure if it is always paid parking or not. Its right next to a really nice looking little league football field.

Perhaps something was going on there?

Regardless, when I drove past there were several attendants taking $10 to park.

Magnolia blog 07

The first thing you’ll reach is the Bakery. It looks relatively small… quaint maybe? I don’t know… Imma dude… Anyway…

The Silo Bakery doesn’t look like it has a whole lot of room inside. There was a line going out the door and around the corner. Aaaaaaand since I was mainly there to get pics for my mom and wasn’t in the mood to wait for a magnolia muffin…

I skipped waiting in the bakery, just to take some photos. Sorry Joanna. I’m sure your minions make great cupcakes.

Magnolia blog 08

Long lines are great if you’re a business owner… but not so great if you’re watching your little O2 valve gauge. Hoping you’ve got enough oxygen to make it to the register.

Though I have to say, while the line didn’t look like it was moving super fast. (Like I said… I wasn’t waiting in it.) I was obviously moving.

So if you’re really in the mood for a muffin and got the O2 to spare… I’d say give it a go. Plus the entrance has a ramp which will easily accommodate a wheelchair or rollator.

No annoying, breath stealing, saturation dropping, heart rate increasing, steps. Y’all know what I’m talk’n bout.

Magnolia blog 09

As you  walk past and around the bakery you’ll see the Magnolia Silo proper.

The bakery exit will be to your right. The Silo store will be to your Left and a large court yard/common area in front of you.

The whole area is pretty level and easy to traverse. There shouldn’t be any major trouble getting around with a wheelchair, rollator, or pull behind oxygen tank cart.

Magnolia blog 10

There is a grassy area in the middle with lawn games and toys that are free to use.

So if you’ve got ankle bitters with you, they can burn off some energy before getting back in the car.

Around the outside court yard you’ll find seating (though some are on a raised platform with steps), water stations with cups, and public men and women’s washrooms.

Magnolia blog 11

There’s a smallish flower garden to the back left and in fact there are flowers everywhere. So if strong fragrances easily overwhelm you be mindful. (One of those wonderful ILD/IPF side effects.)

There also was a plethora of different independent food trucks at the back off the courtyard if you get the hanker’n for sum grub. All the ones I peeked into; look just as clean if not cleaner than what you see behind the counter at a nice fast-food joint.

Plus there’s the Magnolia Table restaurant if you feel like a sit down meal at a table inside.

Magnolia blog 12

Going into the main store there is booth steps and a ramp that you can choose between. And to the left of the entrance I saw several wheelchairs with the magnolia logo on them.

I didn’t see any signs or tags on them. So I’m assuming they are complementary. I know there were days pre-transplant when I started off fine walking, but needed pushed in a chair before the day was out.

Magnolia blog 13

Once inside the space may feel a little cramped. It was quite crowded while I was in there and getting around with a wheel chair, rollator, or pulled O2 tank may feel cumbersome.

There is room… just not a lot of personal space. Bring your masks.

It is divided up into two levels. The second or lower level was much more open and you’ll have a much easier time navigating around if you’ve got wheels.

Magnolia blog 14

The most obvious way down and back is a staircase that you just can’t miss. At first I though this was the only path and was rather disappointed.

However; when you come through the front door there is an elevator hidden back to your right. It really easy to miss. From the lower level looking at the stairs it is through a door to your left.

Magnolia blog 17


If you are a fan of the Chip and Joanna, their show Fixer Upper, or just their brand itself; Than you’ll get real kick out of Magnolia Silos.

When I was in the hospital HGTV was pretty much my go to channel. So I watched it quite a bit. So I’m glad I took the time to see it, even if it not something that normally would be my cup ‘o tea.

I would suggest taken the time to visit if you find yourself in or near Waco, Texas.

Magnolia blog 16

Just walking around… taking it in and snapping photos took me about 30-45 minutes. Probably would have been closer too an hour moving slow with oxygen.

With Shopping, eating, and waiting in line at the bakery… I could easily see someone spending a couple hours here. Probably closer to 3 with oxygen.

There’s not a lot of ground to cover once you’re there. But if you’re shopping there’s lots of stuff to pick up and look at. So bring your hand sanitizer.

Magnolia blog 15

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