Which way Chip?!?!

Sooooo, after a self guided tour of Waco. Full of exploration, discovery, and several miles traveled in the wrong direction... I found the Magnolia silos.

Pep for that IPF step?

It's not going to be easy. The whole thing is walking around and staring at old stuff... but there are much more difficult things out there for someone with lung issues to contend with.

The docs say they're not worried. That this is just part of the journey.

Reduce speed but keep on moving.

Getting new lungs is wondrous. It feels like you've been driving an overloaded semi truck in need of maintenance, up a steep hill... When suddenly you're given the keys to an old muscle car and a flat open highway to cut loose on. Sure the muscle car isn't in perfect condition. Its got its quirks.... Continue Reading →

New Lungs, old bus…

Sooo... I've not updated this blog for a couple months now. Not because anything has gone wrong (Thank the Lord). Nor because I've lost interest in it. But mainly because I didn't want to feel like I was repeating myself. I am truly thankful to everyone involved with saving my life along with all those... Continue Reading →

Breathing through the Vog

Dust, germs, viruses... These things are so tiny it is hard for our minds to comprehend. But these little things can effect us in a big way. They can irritate our already overtaxed lungs and cause illnesses. But what can we do about it? Well, besides living in a big plastic bubble... Lots of helpful... Continue Reading →

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