Motivation… Just do it today

Some days there is just no motivation in side me to work out. This was true pre-transplant and it is still true post transplant. There were many days before my hospitalization that I did not want to go to pulmonary rehab and get on that tread mill. After being put on ECMO, my body did... Continue Reading →


Blossom was the first of several amazing dogs I've fostered for Every Dog Counts Rescue. Growing up my, family always had pups in the house. There is just something special about these fuzzy four legged critters. Yeah I know there are people out there that prefer cats. But, I'll always be a bigger fan of... Continue Reading →

Breathing Glasses?

When I was first put on oxygen I was somewhat self-conscious of the cannula. I mean... I'm pretty goofy looking as it is. No need to compound matters by having something so obvious pointing out my illness too. Once me and the oxygen tanks had become close buddies. I cared a lot less about looking... Continue Reading →


I have been a bit of a bum the last few days. Oh, I've still gone to my pulmonary rehabilitation and made myself go to the gym. But out side of that, my posterior has been parked in front of my computer playing a video game. Which really cuts down on ones productivity. And is... Continue Reading →

Small chores are a big deal.

No matter how tired and out of breath you get, don't throw in the towel... That just means more laundry for you to do! (Roll your eyes if you must. You know you chuckled.) Sorry... today was laundry day. I've done my own laundry for most of my adult life and personally, I believe I'm... Continue Reading →

Leg Day Connection

Going through a life threatening illness and major surgery seems to have placed me in a fraternity of sorts. I'm able to meet people that have gone through similar situations. Even if for totally different health reasons. And there is a connection there. As I was finishing up at the gym today. There was a... Continue Reading →


Once upon a time... Long, long, ago... (i.e before the debut of my Pulmonary Fibrosis.) When I was healthy enough to move heavy things around with some manner of repetition. I used to help my friends at Who North America, with their booth at  conventions like GenCon. (Did I just out myself as a nerd?)... Continue Reading →

What, no super powers?

Yesterday was a clinic day for me. Which meant I had the pleasure of getting a little blood drawn. Blowing air through a computerized straw. Followed up by a little bit of radioactive exposure. Ahh, that wonderful 'ol x-ray machine. I've been zapped enough times at this point, that were I a comic-book character, I'd... Continue Reading →

Stair Monster

I've always been a runner. Growing up, fütball (soccer) was my year round addiction. Put a ball at my feet and I'd go the full 90 minutes. Up until the spring of 2016. I was still strapping on the old running shoes and heading across the street to run through the park. However; that habit... Continue Reading →

Hope and Trust…

I believe in miracles. Period. Full stop. As far as I'm concerned the fact that I'm sitting here typing this, rather then pushing up daises, is proof of their existence. There are differently things that science and human knowledge can not attest for. Medical breakthroughs waiting to be discovered. Some chemical compound tucked away inside... Continue Reading →

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