Breathing Glasses?

When I was first put on oxygen I was somewhat self-conscious of the cannula. I mean... I'm pretty goofy looking as it is. No need to compound matters by having something so obvious pointing out my illness too. Once me and the oxygen tanks had become close buddies. I cared a lot less about looking... Continue Reading →

What, no super powers?

Yesterday was a clinic day for me. Which meant I had the pleasure of getting a little blood drawn. Blowing air through a computerized straw. Followed up by a little bit of radioactive exposure. Ahh, that wonderful 'ol x-ray machine. I've been zapped enough times at this point, that were I a comic-book character, I'd... Continue Reading →

Hope and Trust…

I believe in miracles. Period. Full stop. As far as I'm concerned the fact that I'm sitting here typing this, rather then pushing up daises, is proof of their existence. There are differently things that science and human knowledge can not attest for. Medical breakthroughs waiting to be discovered. Some chemical compound tucked away inside... Continue Reading →

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